A bespoke dress


I often get asked a lot of questions about the process behind creating a bespoke wedding dress and what is involved so I thought I would write my first blog post answering some of these questions to help you decide if the bespoke route is the right route for you!


adjective UK   /bɪˈspəʊk/ US  /bɪˈspoʊk/ uk formal

specially made for a particularperson

a bespoke suit

bespoke furniture


To put it simply a bespoke dress or outfit is one which is designed and made just for you. This means that the result is something completely unique created just for you- making it really special.


Is bespoke right for me?

If you are struggling to find a dress that ticks all your boxes or finding it hard to get something to fit your body shape, then a custom made design could be the right choice for you. Why not commission something bespoke meaning the result will be a perfect fit as it is created just for you to your body.


What is the process involved?

Here at Susanna Greening Designs I offer a fun and relaxed environment where we can discuss in comfort your dress requirements. There is absolutely no pressure and I always provide a good cuppa and cake or biscuits to keep your energy levels up!

Upon booking an initial consultation with me you are invited to my lovely studio which is in our edwardian Matlock home. This gives us a chance to have a chat in comfort with gorgeous views overlooking the surrounding Derbyshire countryside. I will have on hand my many gorgeous fabrics and existing dress design samples for you to view at your leisure for inspiration. We can discuss in detail your initial ideas enabling me to create a selection of designs for you to look over in your own time. These will all have clear quotes with them so you will know what you will be paying once you go ahead and book a dress. The designs I create are completely unique to you which is why I take the time to discuss ideas and get to know you so that the dress I create will be perfectly created for you ensuring you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day.


Once a design has been chosen and a deposit has been taken to secure it I then make what is known as a toile. This is essentially a mock up of your dress or outfit made up in an alternative fabric that is of a similar weight and drape to your chosen fabric. At your first dress fitting I fit this to you making sure it fits your body perfectly. This is a chance to view the overall design and style of your dress. At this stage changes can be made to ensure that both you and I are happy with the design.


Once the design and fit has been perfected your patterns are then altered to the required amendments. Unless there were any major design alterations at the previous fitting, your dress is cut and stitched in your chosen fabric and/or lace. This then gets fitted to you again to ensure the fit is correct and you are completely happy with the design now in the real fabric. If we are both satisfied with everything at this stage I can then finish your dress adding all the fastenings, linings and finishing touches.


Why should I choose a bespoke dress?

The whole journey from initial consultation to collection of the dress is fun and relaxed and you can feel confident that your dress is in the safe hands of an experienced professional who is passionate about their craft.


Know that when you choose a dress designed and made by me it is created just for you. I use only the finest fabrics and finishes and being bespoke means I will go above and beyond to source a fabric and any trims or embellishments just for you and your one of a kind dress. It's also comforting to know where your dress has been made and by who.


How will I know it's what I want until I see the final dress?

One of the things that initially scares people about getting a bespoke dress is that they won't see it until it is finished - this is not the case! Throughout the process of creating your dress you will see it evolving and see how it will look and fit as you see it at every stage of creation.



How expensive is it to have a bespoke dress made?

It's not nearly as expensive as you may think. Prices for bespoke dresses start from £1500, but the price does completely depend on final design and chosen fabrics. If you factor in how much you would purchase a shop bought dress for and then add alteration costs on top to get the perfect fit, it then doesn't seem too unreasonable to get a custom dress that is designed and fitted perfectly to your body, needing no alterations and being completely one of a kind and creating some wonderful memories along the way!



Still considering a bespoke dress?

Book an appointment at my lovely studio in Matlock, Derbyshire so we can have a cuppa and a chat about creating your very own wedding dress that will be as unique as you are.